L1 Fresh Application processing from India - RFE Chances


My Company XXX has applied for my L1 Visa in premium mode with all necesasry documentation through attorney.

I see the status as RFE in the USCIS site ; however has not received it yet.

Could you please tell me the current success rate of L1A visa that are being processed from India.

One important thing is that I returned from the US a year ago and was working there on H1B . Could that be a problem now for my L1 Visa?

It is very hard to give a generic answer for RFE or the approval chances…everything depends on what the RFE is and what the application says…Stay positive and work with your attorney.
No, it should not have any issues…

Thank you kumar . I will post the status once I receive the RFE data.

Do you think the H1B tenure would cause any issue to my new L visa?

I have always had approvals for my H1B extensions and genuinely returned to india after spending 5 years in US.

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No, it will not cause any issues. They are different visa types.

Hi ,
I had received RFE data from my attorney asking for more evidence to show my managerial capacity.
We worked on gathering every detail and provided them the evidence and the reportees etc through out the year along with details of the sub-ordinates that attorney requested.

The RFE response was submitted by the attorney on 12th March 2020 I guess and I see an udpate in the USCIS case status as below. Coudl you please let me know what does this mean??

On March 13, 2020, we updated your name for your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, …

Can someone please provide a response. I want to know what does this really mean ?