L1 expired - I94 valid - L2 applied for H1

Hi guys,
I am in a complicated situation here. I would be really grateful, if anybody can answer my query. Below is my situation:

L1-B expired in Aug-1-2014.
I-94 valid till Dec-24-2015.
I am currently in US, working for the same company based on I-94 validity.

My wife(on L2) works for a consultancy that has filed her H1-B - COS this year and was picked up in the lottery. Now she has got an RFE on her application. USCIS has asked for documents to prove that her husband(i.e. me) has maintained his L1 Status through his company from August 1, 2014 to October 1, 2015.

So her consultancy requested pay stubs from my company for that period or a letter from my company that I will be employed with them during this period. We can provide the latest pay stubs but cannot provide pay stub for a future date. Also my company said that they cannot provide a letter verifying my employment for a future date. They also said that the following documents is sufficient to prove my legal status:

  1. Offer letter from my company.
  2. Onsite deputation letter from my company.
  3. My I-94.

My questions are:

  1. Are these documents sufficient? Is there any other way to prove my legal status?
  2. What happens if the USCIS finds the response not satisfactory - will it reject the H1 or approve it as a H1 - Consular process?

Any help in this regard would be great.