L1 expired I-94 valid 2 years can I file dependent L2 visa?

my L1 valid till 4-May-2013 and got I-94 till 11-June-2015.My dependents L2 visa valid till 4-May-2013 and presently they are in India, Can they apply for new L2 on my I-94 validity and travel to US after 4-May-2013?

When you say your L1 expires 4 May, you mean just the visa stamp in your passport? The visa stamp only needs to be valid if you travel outside the US and re-enter.

If you are still in L1 status then your dependents should be able to apply for a new L2 visa stamp.

Thank you.Yes Visa stamp on my passport will expire on 4-May-13 but i have valid I-94 till June 2015…My dependents stamped visa is valid till 4-May-13…They will come US in the month of July-13.That time their L2 will be expired.so my query is whether they can apply for new L2 nd get it stamped from consulate in India and travel to US?

Sandeep, Currently I’m also almost similar situation. Could you please tell me what all the process you followed. Thanks in advance.

Srini-I have applied L2 for my dependents through my company as per general procedure which is there for filing L2 from USCIS.And their stamping is in June 2nd week.so fingures crossed.

sandeep, I am also in same situtaion.Did your dependent get the Visa based on your I -94.Thanks in advance.

Sandeep, could you please share the status of your spouse Visa. Thanks in advance.

Yes Amit ,Srini my dependents received L2 visa.No issues.

Thanks Sandeep.

Sandeep sorry to bother you again I have one more question was your L1-B petiton valid when your dependent get l2 visa since my L1-B petetion has expired .

Amit, In my case my L1-B visa got expired and I-94 is valid. I’ve L2 visa for my spouse in Sept-2013 based on I-94 status and she got the visa too.

Thanks Srini,
Could you please tell me the list of documents and the consulate where the l2 visa was applied.Did your family attend the visa interview?Was your petetion valid?My I-i94 is valid till 2016.
Actually while applying for l2 in november there was option for document submission.However when the documents was submitted through the agent the they did not acknowledge the documents since my petetion was expired.
Please tell me the process you followed.I will try to do the same.

Srini, please tell me the consulate name where your spouse L2 visa got processed.

Thanks in advance.

Amit,yes my L1-B petiton valid when my dependent get l2 visa & my family visa processed at Mumbai consulate.

Thanks Sandeep.

it means i-129 and i-797 should be valid in order to get l2 visa.