L1 expired (I-94 expiring in August,16) L2 valid till May'17 and I-94 Valid till May'17

Hi Team,

My L1 expired in 2014

My L1 I-94 expires in Aug’16

Spouse L2 valid till May’17

Spouse L2 I-94 valid till May’17

I am filing an L1 extension and have below question, appreciate if someone can clarify:

  1. Do we need to file L2 extension eventhough my spouse has Valid L2 visa and I-94 till May’17?

  2. Spouse on L2 is planning to travel to India in July’16, if #1 is true then can we file an L2 extension even if spouse is in India?

  3. Can L2 extension be processed in premium along with L1 extension?

  4. My plan is to apply for L1, L2, EAD extension at the same time, as the EAD also expires in Aug’16 can spouse still work based on the receipt of the extension application?

  5. If I travel to India when my L1 extension is Inprocess, can i wait for the result and go for stamping in India if its positive?

Thanks In Advance.

  1. No need

  2. If spouse is leaving US, then L-2 extension serves no purpose as the I-94 entry would be marked closed once spouse leaves US.

  3. Yes

  4. EAD approval notice is required in order to work. Pending EAD doesn’t authorize one to work

  5. Yes