L1 dependants - can they be in India

Hi, Assume my daughter gets her L1 dependant visa (which is L2) when she is 20 yrs, Q1: is there sufficient time for her to apply for her green card? Q2: After applying for a GC can she continue her education in India. Q3: While on dependant visa can she continue her graduation in India Q4: If she is on L2 does it mean she has to be necessarily in the US or can she continue to pursue her studies in India.?


Vilas Desai

  1. Are you talking about family based GC or employment based GC? Is the L-1 employer planning to file the GC for the L-1 visa holder and your daughter?

2, 3. Will your daughter move to US or continue to stay in India? If she remains in India, then she can continue w/ studies and graduation. If she moves to US, then legally she can continue w/ them but it will depend upon Indian univeristy’s policies about remote classes/studies/graduation.

  1. Yes, she can still remain in India. Once she gets the visa stamped, it is not mandatory for her to move to US. She can continue to remain in India for more time and can decide to fly to US later. Her L-2 visa stamp should still be valid, and the L-1 visa holder should still be continuing the employment in US at the time of flying.