L1 Blanket Visa Stamping in Canada

I am currently in US on L1B and it is expiring in February 2014. my company is asking me to go to Canada and apply for L1 Blanket visa instead of extending I-94 through USCIS and then stamping in India later. How much risk is associated with the Canada stamping option ? Say I will go to Canada for L1 Blanket stamping in December 2013. Will the Visa officer cancel the existing Visa stamp before they start the process for new Visa ? I know i cant come back to US if they cancel the existing visa during the interview and decline the new L1 Blanket visa. Did any one (who are in US) appear for L1 Blanket visa interview in Canada recently ? What are the chances of cancelling the existing L1B visa (which is valid till February) when they start the interview process for new Visa ? If the application for new L1 Blanket is declined, should n’t they allow me to go back to US and stay till the expiry date of current visa. Please let me know if any one has faced this scenario recently.

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Hi Joseph_82,

I am in same situation now and confused.

i have l1 visa still aug 2017, now i have two options applying extension of current visa. or new l1b blanket through canada.

my doubt is in case in canada stamping is rejected, can i travel back on my existing visa considering it is valid till aug 2017 or that will be cancelled regardless new l1b approved or rejected.

I will really appreciate your input on this.

Visa officer will put a stamp “Cancelled without a prejudice” before approving or rejecting your new visa application. Yes there is a risk associated with Canada stamping. But I think it is a good option. Select Ottawa embassy if you are planning to travel to Canada for visa interview.

One more very basic doubt for Canada new L1b approach…
I already have L1b individual, and I will apply for new L1b through Canada… if visa officers ask this question I am really not clear what will be answer…

In Canada, you are applying for a new L1 Blanket using your company’s already approved I-797 blanket approval notice. Even though you will get a new visa for 5 years, the PED (petition expiry date) ,will be your remaining time in the L1 Max out , ie 5 years. and the same PED will be your I-94 expiry date. Hope this answers your question.

But if you apply for I-94 extension through USCIS for your L1B individual, and if it is approved, and then you go for stamping, it will be still L1B individual…not Blanket

Thanks for quick response…
I am planning to ahead with extension request of existing visa and in case of RFE take the Canada l1 blanket route. Hope that’s best alternative I can take right now.

Also my doubt on L1b through Canada is… visa officer can notice my l1 individual and if he asks why new L1b blanket when I can apply for extension of existing visa.

They didnt ask me that question. there is nothing illegal in applying for L1B blanket in Canada even though you can apply for I-94 extension. may be you can ask your attorney about this question.

Thank you very much. have lot more clarification now.

Hi Joseph_82,

Did you go to Canada for Blanket Interview? I am in the same situation currently. Your experience and inputs will be really helpful.

Yes I had been to US embassy in Ottawa twice for L1 Blanket stamping in the past. Send me a private message if you want any specific details.

Hi, I am somewhat in a similar situation. Would it possible for you to talk offline about it?

please send me a private message, we can talk about it offline.

Hi Joseph_82 - Can you please let me know your E-mail or phone to reach you. I am in the similar situation and your inputs will be very helpful to me and my family.

Hi Vico123, do you still need help ? If yes, please send a private message.

Hi Joseph, I’m also applying for L1B Visa Extension. Wanted some more info on the interview and if vancover or ottwa is a better location?

You may read L1 Visa Stamping Experience in Ottawa, Canada to get an idea

Hi Joseph, I am in the same boat as you were with L1B visa. Would really appreciate if you can help me with some guidance. What are the risks of going to Canada. Would I be able to come back or not if new L1B is not approved. Will they cancel my existing L1B which would be valid for 5-6 more months from interview date?