L1 Blanket- Qualifying for Dropbox

Hi All,

I have applied for a L1 blanket visa. I am a single applicant with no dependent, have been ten printed and have an active US tourist visa on my passport. When I filled all the details in the DS-160 and in the cgi portal it is showing that I am eligible for dropbox. I am not getting any option to schedule an interview-- cannot see any interview calendar or any other details related to it. As per my understanding L1 does not qualify for an interview waiver. Is this a glitch or have the rules changed?

I have an appointment for 14th Sep in Chennai. I am not sure how to proceed. Please guide

You can go for dropbox and the consulate will give 221g requesting you to appear for in person interview if needed.

Dear Sneha,

My husband is also applied for L1 Blanket visa. We are applying for the family, filled DS160 but when proceeding for booking interview slots but there are no appointments available. Can you please guide us how you have booked interview slot.