L1-B Visa Stamped and H1-B Visa filed from same employer

Hello All Redbus2US member,

I am working with employer X who filed L1-B Visa last year. I got the Visa stamping done last year and travelled to USA. After I returned, my visa got revoked following some misunderstanding at Consulate and later they issued me another L1-B visa. Meanwhile employer X filed for H1-B Visa this year. Currently, I am waiting for lottery result.

I have the following questions:-

  1. Can I have both stamped L1-B and H1-B Approved i-797 (not stamped and if picked up in lottery) at the same time from same employer?

  2. If H1-B is picked up in lottery, will this invalidate my L1-B?

  3. If I switch to Employer Y for few months, will this invalidate my L1-B and will I be able to fly to US on L1-B if I join Employer X a month before flying to US on L1-B?

Please note, that Employer X is not aware that new L1-B visa got approved after cancellation of previous rovoked L1-B visa.

  1. Possible to have so. There is also a possibility that they would cancel L-1 w/o prejudice when approving H-1B visa.

  2. No. See (1) for when L-1B visa stamp would be canceled.

  3. Didn’t understand this question. L-1B visa stamp can be canceled only if consulate marks it as canceled. So if the passport is not submitted to consulate for cancelation and you take a break from X, it should be fine.