L1-B Visa extension to make process faster

Hi, My L1-B visa and I-94 is getting expired in Mar 2013.

As normal Visa extension process takes about 3-4 months to know the result but I am planning to visit India in early week of May because my wife is expecting and she would not be able to travel any time during which my extension is filed/to wait for the result.

Please guide, what are the options to apply for L1B Visa extension to make the process faster.

Kindly help on this.

Many thanks.

You can try to get your extension done in premium processing in March.

Thank you Ankit to reply on this.

Would like to explain in details. My visa & I-94 is getting expired on 22nd March. If i go for Premium Processing option then

  1. when should i apply extension through Premium processing in 1st week of March ?

  2. Would i know the result before 22nd March ?

Is there anything to go Canada and apply for L1 Visa extension , any idea please ?

I did not understand your question. Are you asking whether you can go to Canada for stamping once your extension is filed and approved under premium in US? If this is the question, then yes you can go to Canada for stamping. Also if your employer, client(not necessary but good to have) is same and you have L1-B visa that is still valid or expired within the last 12 months, you may qualify for the Interview Waiver Program. You must present a current, valid I-129, LCA, Petitioner Letter to USCIS and pay slips showing your salary for the preceding three months. They will just do your fingerprinting and photograph again in the consulate. But again IWP is under VO’s discretion. If he wants he can still take an interview.

  1. your employer can apply for L1 extension 6 months prior to your l1 expiration date. You do not have to wait till march 1st week for getting this process done.
  2. If it is filed under premium processing then yes you will know the decision(approved/denied/rfe) before 22nd march

Hi, I am not asking to go Canada for stamping.
I asked, Is there any process If i can apply Visa extension from Canada Not from US ?

Also, If my visa and i-94 is getting expired on 22nd March , when should i apply for extension through Premium procesing ? Would i know the result before 22nd March ?

It is the same process no matter where you apply from. It will take the same time and there are same chances of approval/denial/rfe.

If your i94 and visa are expiring on 22nd march you should file for extension asap under premium. You will get the decision in 15 calendar days.

Thanks . I will be in touch with you.

If your extension is still pending when you leave US, then your extension of stay will be denied. So you will have to appear for L-1 stamping and then return on stamped L-1 visa.

Even if your L-1 extension gets approved, you will need a valid stamp to return to US. This means you have to appear for L-1 stamping irrespective of what happens to your L-1 extension.