L1-B visa Applied for H1-B but went to India for 3 weeks.

I have L1-B visa from Company A valid till May 2014 and living in US. This year I have applied for H1-B 2013 from Company B and it got selected in lottery but still the status in in initiall review and receipt is received on 4th week of April 2013. Now My wife and kids need to go India due to some urgency and they will returning back in 3 weeks (start at 2nd week of May and will come back 1st Jun). Whether My wife and kids can come back to US on L2 visa safely with any issues ? Please help me.

Yes, they can return to US on L-2 w/o any issues related to your H-1 processing.

Did you file COS for your dependents from L-2 to H-4? If yes, then the same will be abandoned once they leave US, and will have to refile the same. This needs to happen or else they will be out of status once you move to H-1 from Oct 1 (assuming H-1 is approved by that time).