L1-B to H1-B with L1 expiring and possibility of I-94 extension


My L1-B and I-94 is going to expire on 13th Sep 2013. My wife (does not works) and kid are on L2.

My Current Employer will assist me to get our (mine, wife's and kid's) I-94 (of L1-B) get extended; but they (current employer) will do this not before June-July 2013.

New Employer (Y) is going to file H1 B w/COS on 1st April 2013.


	New Employer files H1 B w/COS, tentatively by which month will I come to know about status (approval / REF)?

	While the H1-B w/COS is in process / progress, can I get my I-94 extended in June-July timeframe? If Yes, then, will the extended / new I-94 (of L1-B) impact my H1-B processing?

	If the H1-B w/COS is approved, then, will my current employer come to know about it (assuming I do not notify)?

	If the H1-B w/COS is approved, then, will I get a new I-94? If yes, when and of how many months/years? And, would I be able to continue with Current Employer (on L1-B), from Sep 13th 2013 till Oct 1st 2013 (note that my I-94 of L1-B is expiring on 13th Sep and I am going get an extended I-94 on L1B in July 2013)?

	If everything goes well, i.e, I get H1B and am still working on L1B till 1st Oct, then can I continue working on L1-B for few more months, before joining, new employer with H1-B/COS?


Please help me to get these queries answered.
  1. They will process the applications in batches. If filed w/o premium processing, then you should receive the status update within 2-5 months.

  2. Yes, you should get it extended. It will start a race scenario - the petition that gets approve later w/ I-94 will determine your eventual status.

  3. No, they won’t know about it

  4. If approved w/ COS, it will have an I-94. The term will be based on what your employer has requested and what USCIS seems appropriate based on their review.

  5. Once COS is approved, you should join H-1 employer from COS effective date. It may be ok to work for few weeks for L-1 employer, but be very careful when doing this and talk to your attorney.