L1 B extension got deniend , Is there any impact on H1 B Approvals


My L1b extension got denied on last year July '13.

I want to be file H1b now…Is there any impact on H1b approvals if select ed in 2014 lottary…?

Kindly give reply so that i can proceed for filing now…as i got sponnser.

Thanks in advacne…


There wil be no impact, unless the extension denied because of U… (If U r out of status or any prob from ur side)

How about L1b visa…if my componey willing to file L1B again…as my L1b extension got deneid on 16th July 2013.
Is there any impack on L1B approvals…?

Kinldy reply …thank you again…Gautham

For L1B, there might be an impact