L1 application ,which of below options is good?

Hi, My employer is interested in applying for L1-A. Please advise me on below questions:

  1. I am currently in US on B1 only for getting trained - not working. Can my employer apply for a L1-A?

  2. My employer has recently applied for L1-A which is under process by USICS. Can I visit US on B1 for training - will this visit negatively affect my chances of getting L1?

Thanks in advance and best regards,


Try to avoid both. If you cannot, 1 is better than 2.

This is because in the petition, your employer has to mention last US entry and exit dates. If you choose 2, by the time you reach the visa interview, you would have made a new entry and exit. The VISA officer may not like that. If you choose 1, atleast the entry date will be in petition.

Do you mean to say that you are already in US on B-1 and also want to travel to US again on B-1? Otherwise 1 and 2 seem contradicting.