L1 A Rejected with 'not clearly approvable'

Hi Redbus2US team,

I attended L1 visa today(Aug 02nd, 2012) at the Chennai consulate and they provided Blue Form - 221(G) with below information.
The reason cited was that my application is not clearly approval under section 8 CFR 214.2(I)(ii)(D) and INA 101(a)(15)(L).

Kindly let me know the next step on this case.

I have been asked the below questions.

Q1: What do you at 'xxx' (my company's name)?

Me:I am a PM and my responsibilities are...

Q2: What is your designation?

Me:Project Manager

Q3: How long have you been with 'xxx' (my company's name)?

Me:1 Year and 10 Months

Q4: How long have you working in managerial role?

Me: from last  3 years

Q5: How many people report into you?

Me: 9

Q6: Will you be performing same duties in the US?

Me: Yes, in addtion to that, work closely with customer to understand existing issues and provide suitable solutions,enhancements, RCA, gap analysis etc...

Q7: Will you have people reporting into you at onsite?

Me:Yes, 6

Q8:Who is your manager and how many projects he is holding?

Me:My manager is XXXXX,  he is Associate Director and he is holding 10 projects...




RavReddy you have given all the questions which Visa officer posted you. If you give the information of what answers you have provided for the above question it will be easy for us to help you. My assumption is VO is not satisfied with your role.Your next step is to apply for L1 A individual Visa.

Thanks Vivek

Hi Vivek,
Many Thanks for your response.As you suggested, i have updated Q with my answers.
if L1 A Blanket rejected, how L1 A Individual will be benifited?, is it again win and loose game with L1 A-Individual visa same as L1 A (B)?
I have another Q, interview is just 2 minutes process, with in that time do they decided to grant visa or back ground they already decided to grant visa or not?

Please provide your valuable answers as soon as possible.