L1 A Category Tax deduction for California State for Individual or family of 3

Hi Myself pritham from hyderbad, I am travelling to US on L1 A Visa in January 2015…My Job Location is in California State, Mountain View. My company has provided Annual Salary of 80,000$ Gross package. I want to know whether family of 3 can manage with the compensation (myself , Wife & 1 year old kid).

I want to know the tax deduction applicable for me for the compensation of 80000$. If not what tax will be applied if i leave as Single or with dependants of 2. I request people to provide details on this.

I planning to stay near by to Sunny Vale near by areas so family of 3 can i manage the expense… Can you share website links wher i can look for houses, Request a help on this…

Hi Pritham,

To start off, $80,000/annum is a little on the lower side if you are looking to support a family of three. I’m also assuming you would want to send money back to India too. So it will be a little tight, but not un-manageable.

As for the tax deductions, you’ll get 3 tax allowances since you have 2 dependents. So you tax will be lower than most people. I don’t exactly know but your tax should fall in the bracket of abt 10-15%.

Sunnyvale is a good area to stay, but the rental rates are high. Eg:

Studio Apartment is about $1600/month

1 BHK is about $ 1900/month

2 BHK is about $ 2100/month

Also, try to find an apartment with lower Lease Agreement (generally apartment communities start from 6 month lease, 1 yr lease). The lease breakag fee is very high, so confirm with your company if they’ll pay for lease breakage in case your project shifts, or you have to go back to India.

In Sunnyvale, try staying close to the Caltrain station so that you can use the train to go to your work place. The train connectivity is excellent. Mountain View is the next station after Sunnyvale, so by train will take you 10 mins.

Search for apartments in and around - Murphy Ave, Matilda Ave, California Ave.

Sunnyvale Town Center Apartments is one of the cheapest apartment communities in Sunnyvale and it’s about 200 mtrs walk from the train station. You can get a month to month lease agreement there. (I live there!)

All the best!

Thanks for useful information can u share ur email id… like to discuss further thanks