L1 5 years expiring soon & applying H1 next year


My 5 years on L1 are expiring soon and may need to go back to home country as I missed the bus this year for applying fresh H1.
I know that way I could have 1 more year to continue. i.e. total 6 years.

My question is if I go back to my home country & apply H1 next year (may be with my current employer or different & I think it doesn't matter) how many total years I can stay on H1?

Here are few more details about my case.

- Current L1 visa & petition expires on Jan-2013
- Current I-94 expires on Jul-2015 (but I know its not of much help as I can not work)
- Expecting to apply new H1 on April-2014

Q: will I be able to stay just one more year or it would be 6 years from Oct-2013?

Basically it will help me in deciding on whether to apply for H1 next year or wait for 2-3 years & again come back on L1.
I really appreciate your help on this.