L Visa - eligibility for drop box - L1A vs L1B - Conversion?

I came to the US on L1A Blanket visa in July 2016. Visa was Stamped and valid till June 2019. Extension was filed and approved and I have L1A Individual petition approved till Feb 2022. I meet the 24 months criteria. Does USCIS view L1 Blanket and L1 Individual as two different categories for drop box eligibility purpose ? Am I eligible for the drop box facility in India ? Can you please clarify ? Thanks

They are technically same categories. So, you should be able to. Maybe, there maybe some pushback from the dropbox team, when you try to submit, but tell them that they are same. You can show them the below US Dept of State website, where it show L as same category. There is no L1A or L1B like in H1B. See below.