L to H transfer-client is changed before H1B approval

Hi, my L1B to H1B coversion have been applied in Jun 2012 but and I submitted all the contractual docs (SoW valid till 31st Dec 2012 and MSA valid for 3 yrs - till 2015) for the client I was working with in Jun.

I moved to another client in July 2012 due to business reasons. Now I received a RFE for my H1B wherein USCIS has asked for all the contract papers and the client letter (as per my immegration dept);

Shall I submit the papers of new client or send the same old docs (but Sow is not active any more though the dates mentioned in SoW are still valid, MSA is still valid since we do have some other active SoW with them)

Do I need to get the new LCA for new client and shall I make sure this should be same as previous one?

What are the safest reasoning we need to provide if we decide to submit the papers of new client. Pls advise

Yes, it is better for get a new LCA and new client letter rather than going for old client details. Since SoW is not valid anymore, you don’t have a job with old client. This makes your case weeker, and visa can get denied. Proceed with new client letters and LCA. It is allowed to change.

Thanks Ram, this worked