L+H Max Out Date Calculation & re-using H1B in Non CAP category

Hi, I entered US using L1B visa in July 2009 and stayed until Jul 2012 then went back to India after completing 3yrs. My company filed H1B under CAP for me in Apr 2013, got picked in lottery and I landed in US on Feb 2014 and staying here currently. Now my max out date is Apr 07, 2017 completing 6yrs on L+H visa using all recaptured time. My question is if I stay for an year outside USA after completing 6yrs in US, can I use the same H1B petition that I got approved in 2013 to come back to US in Non CAP category, say in year May 2018 since I did not use complete 6yrs of H1 ?

You need to go through the cap again if you want the clock to be reset. If you file cap-exempt petition then it is not reset even if you stay outside US for 1 year.

Did you explore the option of having green card filed for you?