L-H COS, if cancelled my mind to join H-1B before or even after approval

I am currently on L1-B with employer A and I would be applying for H1-B with employer B and Employer B would file H-1B with ‘Change of Status’ or may be new H-1B.

1.  In case if I change my mind in between and I don't want to join Employer B even on approval of H1-B, what are the options I could have to maintain my L1 status after Oct 13?

2. Is there way to stop the change of status from L1-B to H1-B ? If Yes, what is the Best way to proceed?

3.  If by any chance process continued and my H-1B get rejected, Am I safe to continue working on L-1B provide I have validity of L1B and I-94.
  1. Suppose your H1 is approved with a start date of October 1, in this case your status will automatically change to H1 starting October 1. If you want to maintain L1 status, then you need to travel out before 1st October and enter the country again after 1st October on L1. For example:- you can go to Canada on 30th September and come back here on 2nd October. This will again make your status as L1.

  2. If the petition is still in progress at the time you decide not to join your employer B, then just tell them upfront they can withdraw the petition

  3. If H1 is rejected then you do not have to do anything just continue working on L1. Hope this helps.

Please suggest if for Option 1) If someone go outside of US on 5th Oct and come back on 7th Oct, then also COS can be reverted back from H1 to L1. OR the aforementioned dates i.e. 30th Sep to 2nd Oct are mandatory and has to follow this window only. Please let me know urgently, it would be great help.