L-2 Renewal Drop Box eligible outside Home country

My wife and daughter are eligible for Visa Dropbox/Interview waiver and are currently in India.
It is visa renewal in the same category. L-2
Since we are not getting appointments with any consular offices in India, we were thinking of exploring options for getting visa stamped outside India.

Has anyone had recent success in this post COVID era where US embassy is still running with limited appointments. ?

Do foreign nations allow/entertain such appointments ?

You will need to check with the US consulates you plan to apply at if they allow third-country nationals (TCN). For e.g. Nepal, Dubai, Singapore, Mexico etc.

Thank you Kalpesh for your response.
May you please advise most effective way to contact US consulate offices say for example Dubai to enquire about Third Country National visa stamping. Thanks in advance.

Just go to the respective consulate site and it should have information on whether they allow TCN non-immigrant visa stamping. If you cant find send email to consulate and they should respond.