L-1B visa appointment issue

Hi All, I am currently in US with an approved Visa extension but without stamp.

  1. Am trying to book an appointment but there are no appointments available in Delhi.
    Is there any suggestion on how to proceed? For past few weeks, the dates were visible but on clicking the slot, it went back to message ‘appointment not available’

  2. I have my passport which has the old visa stamp with expired I-94 valid date. However, my I-797A form (visa extension approval) has future date of I-94 validity. With this, can I attempt getting an appointment in Canada?

  3. Can I have 2 DS-160s and pay for Appointment in Canada too? (I have already paid for Delhi one but cant find an appointment there)

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.

  1. Currently, visa appointments (year 2021) are not generally available for H, L and certain other visas. It may be available for dates in 2022. If you are eligible for exceptions under PP India (such as US citizen minor child and others) or NIE (16 critical work sectors), you can apply for an expedited request. Please read the blog topics in this website. They are great and it provides detailed instructions. BTW: Things might change after Nov 8 (policy change) and no one knows about its implementation. Read the blog again related to this topic. They may open up appointments soon.

  2. Your visa extension paperwork and I-94 has no role to get an appointment.

  3. If I remember correctly, one can use DS-160 confirmation number with city X and book an appointment at city Y within the same country. However, I am not sure about a different country. Regarding two DS-160s: It may be better to email the consulate/VFO office and enquire about it. I believe that the fee payment is typically linked to one DS-160 confirmation number.

Thank you for responding. Will wait and see if the dates open up by Nov 8th.

I-94 has a role when going for third country national visa appointment (for example in Canada). So my ask here was will the i-94 date on i-797 be valid

I will call the consulate but mostly they redirect to their website…