L-1A or L-1B which is more faster and gauranteed

Hi, Since I am eligible for both categories, I would like to know which of the options is more gauranteed and faster. Some say L-1A is lot easier, is that true? Thanks in advance and with best regards Vilas Desai

It depends on your work. If you have to go for managerial work then L1A but if you want to go for technical work involving specialized knowledge then L1B. Even job responsibilites are different in both.

Apply for appropriate type. It seems you just want to have a visa to enter US and then work irrespective of whether that work can be performed as per your visa type or not.

If you are not a manager or not doing managerial work in your current company for sometime now, VO may catch this depending on your answers and L1A could get rejected. So go for L1A only if you are doing the required managerial work and expected to perform role of manager in US.

Getting L1A is easier than L1B provided that one has enough experience, playing the role of a manager here. Role and responsibilities fit as per requirement of a manager in US.

Getting L1B is really tough especially in case of an Indian employer. One need to have extensive experience on proprietory tools or process for this.