L-1 I-94 expiry date, get a job here.

Hi Saurabh,

Thanks for all your dedicated effort. I appreciate your effort in helping people to achieve their dreams and increasing their life standards.

Can u pls help me with below questions?

  1. Since my L-1 visa& I-94 is valid for 3 yearS. Can i travel to india and come back at any time?

  2. I’m thinking of going back to india, resign my job and come back and join another co here. Since I could see my current employer mentioned in the visa. Will there be any trouble.

  3. Is there any chances of my current employer"A" cancelling the visa after i resign the co?

4.Also, if i get a visa H-1sponsor here now and they agree to apply for H-1B in april . Will my present get to know about this? IF that’s the case i could have trouble getting my releiving letter.

  1. Any other additional help.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

  1. Yes, you can return to US on L-1 as long as your L-1 visa has not expired. After that, you will have to appear for L-1 visa stamping.

  2. You cannot use this L-1 visa w/ another employer. The new employer will have to file a suitable visa for you (most likely H-1 as you may not qualify for L-1 through new employer)

  3. Yes, some companies ask for cancelation of the visa as part of their exit process. They will send the passport to the consulate to get the visa stamp canceled.

  4. No, L-1 employer will not know about pending H-1 COS.