Just a month left to file for OPT extension. What are the options ?


I graduated with a Masters in the May '13 and then worked as an intern at a company. I am currently working as a Research Assistant at my university and i have a month left for my OPT period to complete. I have an option of extending my OPT period by 17 months, but require e-verification no. to file a new i-20 and submit my OPT extension documents. My university is not e-verified, what are the other options to extend my OPT period ? (I have an interview this week,and the selection process will take about a month. If, i get an offer, i don't want to miss it because of lack of OPT extension).




Find another employer that is enrolled in E-verify ASAP so that you can file the STEM extension on time. Then, once you have the approval, you can always change jobs later to any other E-verify company that is related to your degree program. Don’t forget to update your school if you do later change jobs.