Joining the new employer without informing the current employer in H1B visa


I was working for Company A in H1B Visa. Recently I am laid off from Company A with payroll running for 2 months. I found a job in Company B which they filed the H1B transfer, got the receipt and they want me to start working immediately but I am still in payroll in Company A for few more weeks. I read that it is legal to start working after receiving the receipt

Can I start working company B without informing Company A as officially I have two approval letters. Is this legal ? If yes, I will be receiving pay checks from two companies. Will there be any issues in the future with IRS or USCIS on this .


Legally you may be ok to get paid through the two employers. Why can’t you inform A to stop running the payroll once you join B, or is it part of the severance package?

Thanks Saurabh… Yes, It may affect the severance package