Joining previous employer after H1B transfer by new employer


I need a very urgent advice on this. Please help

I have H1B stamping done in my passport but haven’t travelled to US yet as my petitioner (say employer A) has not asked me to board in US yet. I haven’t joined employer A yet.

I have got an offer from another US based employer B who has initiated my H1B transfer.
Now the employer A who was my petitioner wants me to join US asap.
My questions are as follows:
What are the choices I have.
1.Can i join A who is my real petitioner or my petition from A will become invalid as my H1B transfer is initiated by employer B.
2.If my H1B transfer process is pending with USCIS, does employer A has the power to revoke my petition (as he is my primary petitioner)
3. Will I face any problem at Port of Entry since the officials will be aware of my H1B transfer and will there be any questions from them if I join Employer A. (Only if I could join even after H1B transfer )
4 Are there any chance of Employer A being known of my h1b transfer

Advice on this would be really helpful.

Please note, i have never travelled to US .

Thanks in advance.

First some H-1 terminology : There is NOTHING called H-1 transfer. What happens is that B files a new cap-exempt petition for you. Once approved you have 2 perfectly valid petitions from A and B and can pick either.

Now coming to your questions

  1. You can join A on H-1B

  2. A can revoke petition anytime they want. It’s their petition, and you are just the beneficiary

  3. Should not be an issue

  4. None unless someone specifically tells them about it

Thank you so much Saurabh for your valuable inputs :slight_smile: