Joining new company while h1 extension is in process


My current employer filed for my H1B, I94 (both were expired by 30th Sept 2015) extension 07th Aug 2015 in normal processing which is still in process.

I am planning to switch company and new employer raised H1B transfer in premium processing. I am joining new employer after getting receipt number.

What would happen

If my new H1B transfer gets rejected.

If my H1B transfer gets approved but I94 didn’t get extended.

Can I rejoin my current employer who filed for my H1B extension if any of above case happens without going back to India. Please let me know.

If H-1 transfer is denied, then you have to either leave US or join the old employer.

If H-1 transfer is approved w/o I-94, then you have to either leave US and return on H-1 to get new I-94 or join the old employer.

You can join the old employer only if they have not withdrawn the extension petition and are still willing to hire you.