Job switch after I-140 Approval

Hi ,

Few questions here.

  • Recently changed company A to Company B,my company A filed PERM,I-140 Approved on 2019 ,Now recently switched to Company B.

  • Would it require the employer to file a new PERM and I-140 Petition with Company B.

  • Does i can go for GC process with Company B (with the approval copy from Company A PERM,I-140 Approved).

Appreciate for your response here.


Yes if company B will file your AOS/I-485 if you plan to stay with company B till your priority date is current. If your PD is somewhere in 2018-2019, it may take several years for it to become current and meanwhile you may end up changing employers. If this is the case, you may not opt to have company B file your PERM/I-140.
You can keep using company A I-140 for AC21 H1B extension beyond 6 years of H1B term.

Not until company B files your PERM/I-140 again. PERM is employer specific and one employer can’t use another employer’s I-140 to file AOS.

Much Appreciated for your response.Thank you