Job or MS/MBA

I have completed my B.Tech from India in computers in 2015 . I moved to USA and also got H4 EAD. I am interested to do Masters/MBA in USA and also i don’t want to miss the opportunity to work in USA . I am totally confused either to continue my studies or to work . It will be lot helpful which is better option.

Thanks in Advance.

Do both. A US degree is valuable. You can work on your H-4 EAD and take evening classes for program of your choice. Advance your through special technical training or do an MBA, both are great choices. An H-4 can study in the US so an F-1 conversion is not needed.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar,



Also, to add to Dr. Sandeep, you can even enroll full time as student on H4 by taking full load of courses and work on campus part time, either as a TA, GA or RA…If you are really passionate about higher education, I suggest you do it full time as you will really enjoy the experience…