Job in US, converting L-1 to H-1b

Hi Saurab,

I’m on a L-1 short term assignment to US. Can you please help me with the below quesitons.

  1. I want to get a job in US. What is the procedure. I checked out the myvisa website for visa sponsor . I’m wondered how do i reach them ?

  2. What are all the procedures to convert L-1 visa to H-1B?

  3. Can i personally convert the L-1 to H-1 B visa?

4.If i apply for new job in US will my present employer get information about this ?

5.What are all the formalities should I complete or take in order to exit from present employer, once i find a job in US ?

Thanks for your help in advance,

  1. You need to find an employer willing to sposor H-1 for you when the next cap season opens (i.e. April 2013). Once your H-1 is approved w/ COS, you can start working for that employer from that COS approval date (Oct 1 or later).

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  3. No, only an employer can do that

  4. No, they won’t know about it unless someone leaks that information out

  5. You will have to check w/ your employer about their exit process. Legally, you can join H-1 employer after serving reasonable notice period (which can be as less as 0 days). Also check if you have signed any contract w/ them.