Job in India or MS in US? Which one should I choose?

I am in bit of a spot here. I am a mechanical engineer with three years experience in an automobile OEM and I have a job offer that would pay me 6 Lahks INR per annum. I have also got an admit from UC Boulder for MS in Mechanical in US which would probably cost around 35 Lakhs INR for the entire course period. I have always wanted to do Masters in my field. But, I am not sure anymore if that would be lucrative enough to invest in an MS degree. I really need help on making a decision.


As answered in comments,

You are in a tricky situation. End of the day it boils down your passion and risk. One thing you need to consider is that, you may not necessarily get more money by doing MS in US. Also, you need to be cognizant of the fact about STEM OPT program has gone through some changesand you need to be aware of the complexity in that. one of things you can consider is take up the job in MNC and then see, if any option to relocate to US for work and then do MS part time during that period. It can be a tricky decision. If you are really passionate and do not mind taking risk and be ready to come back, if things dont work out after MS for job, you should go for it…It boils down to how badly you want to MS vs debt you may end up with…