Job Change in US on H1B- Visa valid for another 10 months


I am currently working for company A and my H1B is valid till July 2013, now i am changing my employer to company B, now my questions is -

Can i resign from company A when i have th receipt number for H1 Transfer from company B or should i wait till the H1 transfer happens

Will the same receipt number be applicable for H4 transfer of my wife also.

Will they be filing for H1/ H4 extension right away or at this point of time they will file only for H1/ H4 transfer.



Your eligible to start your new employer right from the day you recieve your reciept number. and you can transfer your H4 also. It is better you wait under it is approved.




Thanks a lot for answering, you say it is better that i wait unless the transfer is approved, now my question is -

How long does it take for the transfer to get complete (average case)
What are the risk if i dont wait till it is approved.



What will happen if your transfer is not approved. I have seen many cases in which they got denial in transfer. To avoid that only it is better to wait. if your confident go ahead best wishes