J2 to H4 transition through VISA stamping from India

Hi, I am currently in the US and will soon be transiting to H1B from my J1 VISA (My J1 expires in October 2023). My spouse (J2 dependent) plans to travel to India in the next month and planning to stay until Dec 2023. I am also planning to travel to India once my H1B is approved. Therefore, I plan to apply for an H-4 visa for my spouse at the US consulate in India once my H1B is approved instead of filing her application (I-539) with mine in the US.
I would like to know whether it’s normal/safe to apply for H4 VISA at the US consulate abroad. Does it cause any issues or delays in the H4 approval, especially in the case of the J2 to H4 transition? Any related information/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help!!