J1 visa, white slip 221G, Indian passport in Australia?


I am a J-1 visa holder with Indian passport. I had the J-1 visa issued originally from Chennai in 2007. I am currently in the middle of my medical training n USA. I came to Australia to see my in -laws.

As I had to get the J-1 visa restamped to go back to USA, I had my interview in Sydney on March 14, 2013. I was given from 221G (white slip) and the status on ceac.state.gov keeps mentioning “Administrative Processing”. I did not receive have any specific case number as other people had recieved (BMB-XXXX-XXX-XX), why?

I am suppose to finsih my training in Jun 2013 and start another year of fellowship in a different hospital from July 2013. Can I apply for another J-1 visa based on new emplyer? or can I apply for visitor’s visa while my 221g case is pending? as my wife and kids are still in US

THanks for your help,