J1 to f1 visa change of status

Can I change my j1 status to f1 if I want to study in the United States? Am already in the US. How do I go about changing without going back home.

You maybe able to do it, if you are going to study full time on F1…but, one key thing to remember is that your 2 year physical presence in home country requirement does not go away, you need to apply for that separately. Talk to a DSO at a school that you plan to study or that can offer you admission and then understand, if you can apply for F1 Change of Status and discuss Options. If they say yes, first you need to apply for Change of Status (COS) using form I-539. Talk to the school you plan to study, they will guide you or talk to an attorney.

The 2 year physical presence does not apply to me

Then discuss with DSO, get I-20 and apply. Check with your DSO as they are your primary guide to help you with Change of Status.