IW Dropbox Eligibility and Query

Hi Folks
Have couple queries. Would greatly appreciate your help on the same:

  1. I have an expired F1 Visa in my passport. After that i have couple I-797A approved petitions. So technically it will be my first time H1B stamping. Given the recent Interview Waiver announcement, am I eligible for the same?

  2. If i am eligible, then even though its first time H1-B visa application, process will turn into Dropbox/ only 1 appointment, correct? In that case, what happens to Biometric/ Photo etc ?

Thanks much in advance

Yes however under the new policy, it is at the discretion of the CO.

Hi Kalpesh
Thanks for your reply… In the link you provided, i dont see info related to Biometric process in this IW case {since it gets converted to Dropbox}… Can you please add in on the same based on original query

Did you actually tried to book the appointment. It should tell you during the process of booking if you qualify for IW, in which case you will not need biometrics appointment (biometrics are used from prior database). If for whatever reason you don’t qualify the system should tell you to book biometric and then interview appointment.

Hi Kalpesh
Thanks for above reply. I answered questions on having visa in any previous class issued. Since i had F1 {expired}, i answered Yes, but it didnt ask any more details and indicated i qualify for IW.

I was able to get a VAC appt, but had query about biometric etc, since it is first time stamping. Thanks for your replies.

Just wanted to make sure i indeed qualify, because there was no validation/check in the CGI portal…

Ok then I think you are all set!

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Sure… thanks again… I had 1 more separate query:
If we book an appointment and for some reason- say lockdown in India or US embassy cancelling appointment- what happens in that case?

Do we have to look for another appointment ourselves or the Embassy will assign us a slot?

Scenario: We dont have valid Visa stamp… we go to India with a scheduled appointment, and then if appointment cancels due to state issueing Lockdown etc, then just checking what happens in that case if u know/have advised on such issue in past…


In such case you should get an email from the consulate to cancel the appointment and schedule it at a later time.

Hi Kalpesh
1 more query: For the IW eligibility/dropbox, right now am assigned only 1 appointment {VAC}. However its mentioned/ you also replied that its at discretion of CO {meaning looking at documents, CO may still ask me to come in for an interview}, correct?

If thats the case, then will he give me a time etc to come in for the interview? {Essentially i dont have to look at appointments/slots availability etc in case this happens, right? }?


As this is a new policy, I am not sure how they do it. You can call VFS and ask how this process works.


ok thanks I will try reaching out via link you sent… In general for a H1-B renewal process via Dropbox, if such a scenario arises, do you know from past experiences of folks what is done? Do CO give them appointments?

I think they will just tell to schedule one online at CEAC.

Thanks for sharing more info!