Its regarding my I-9form during CAP-GAP, what all do I need?

Dear Saurav,


My EAD is expiring on 1st July and I have applied for H1. 

I have been requested by my company to fill the form I-9 again as I will be in my CAP-GAP.I am MS form US , so I have asked my college to send me my I-20. Would you guide me if any other document is required for filling I-9? IS I-20 enough?

Thanks Again.


Hello Ishita,

Its simple, 

All you need is the copy of your EAD card( with the expiration date)

and a certified i-20 from school, signed by your DSO.

If your company is unaware of this you can give them a print out of this link




Or else you can ask them to refer Employer Handbook I-9 verification , pg -16



A new I20 is optional. Your old I20 and ead card + your h1b receipt are enough to show proof of employment.
In case they do not accept it, your school can issue a CAP - GAP i20 if you provide your h1b receipt to them.