Its been 8 months since responded to RFE. No update yet. What is the next step?


It’s been 8 months since responded to RFE. Request for evidence responded on 2nd sep 2016 I still do not have an answer.could you tell me how long I have to wait and is there a option I can contact someone. my company do now know much on this. can someone help on next step ?

Ask your employer/Attorney to raise SR with USCIS. I am sure they will accept the SR and will give you some kind of response or at least they will give you an overall picture of whats happening.

Is your RFE responded? when did you recieve approval copy? was it for I-140?

RFE was responded by employer on Sep 2016. there is no response from the USCIS yet even today. It’s been more than year and half. My employer is not ready to follow up with USCIS and he told me wait until the respond. Status remain same “Response To USCIS’ Request For Evidence Was Received on sep 2016” … I don’t know next step and I lost the hope . :frowning: