Issued 221g for Student Visa F1


My brother attended F1 interview on 13th August and was issued 221G and then we were told to track the case in CEAC portal. The case was under “Refused” status since Aug 13th and it was updated on Sept 2nd with same “Refused” status. I’m posting the exact information from the CEAC portal below for your reference. Does this mean he was refused completely? Also, we have not received any email about passport pick up and while checking the passport tracking under USCIS website it says " Your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate". Any comments or insights are much appreciated. Thanks for your help. -Srikanth.

U.S. Department of State


|Application ID or Case Number:|AA00AXXXXX|
|Case Created:|12-Aug-2021|
|Case Last Updated:|02-Sep-2021|

A U.S. consular officer has adjudicated and refused your visa application. Please see the letter you received at the interview.

For more information, please visit U.S. Consulate General Hyderabad.

Was the 221g requesting any supporting documents, if yes did you provide those to the consulate so they can take action on your case?
Please provide more information on what the 221g was about.

Thanks for responding back, they took the bank statement and gave 221g. Since then they didn’t reach back to us to provide any further documentation. We are still waiting for the email from the consulate.

What does it say in 221g?

None of the box is checked on 221g. Try sending an email to the consulate to enquire about the status.


I’ve sent an email 3 times to the email mentioned but there is no response from them yet.