Issued 221g blue slip and passport retuned for H1B in Chennai


We got a visa interview on 28th of September and we were asked these following questions,

Who is your petitioner?Who is your client?What is your salary?What is your higher educational qualification?LCA, client letter, and i29 and approved i797 (We gave all these documents)The interviewer viewed the documents and gave a yellow slip which stated that they will get back to us after reviewing the documents. An hour later we were called back to find all our documents and passports returned to us with the document 221g stating that our application has been refused for further administrative processes, and once the process is complete they will get back to us.

Is there anyone in the same stage. Becoz we got all the papers perfect. I am in EVC model.

Please need some suggestions how long it will take and is there a way to track it. Because they gave an case number as well not able to track it anywhere.




Hi Kavitha,

I am also on the same situation did you get any update i attended on feb 2019. my contact is 8123526575