Issued 221g because of DUI


This is regarding my H1B Dropbox stamping and 221g.

I had a H1B Dropbox appointment on 2nd October 2022 and submitted all my documents for H1 visa stamping at consulate in India:

Application update:

11th: Application received by the consulate

13th: Approved

17th: Refused with 221g

19th: passport collected with 221g

221g says to appear for in-person consulate appointment and to carry any prior arrest/court record documents with me.


I got a DUI in May 2019. And after successful completion of fast ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition) program my record was already Dismissed and Expunged in June 2020. This is my first stamping after DUI.

I am really worried with this 221g! Could you please help and what will be the next steps once I appear for an in-person interview? What additional documents should I carry other than the i797, employment and expungement documents? Do I need any letter from attorney?

Please help me with whatever you can.

Can someone please help me on this?

Just carry copy of all documents you have for the DUI and the ones that you submitted to dropbox and answer the questions to the best of your knowledge.

Thank you kalpesh! What will happen after that?

No body can guess what will happen but I am positive it should be approved.

Brother,I hope you will get it. Just curious to see the “status” transition of your case…first it is “approved” and then it is “refused”. What was it showing during the “approved” status…

Hello Vickz, I am in a similar situation where i got a 221g for submitting documents for criminal speeding ticket violation. I have the case in the court in pre-trail still did not reached any resolution yet. But i came to India for an emergency situation not thinking about this issue. Could you please provide an update of what happened in your interview so it will help me to take next steps. Appreciate your response. Thank you!!