Issued 221(g) blue slip from chennai consulate

Hi Guys,

I had an interview with consulate on 23rd Jan’14, I issued 221(g) blue slip asking some of the supporting documents like Client letter and contract letter between petitioner and Client (updated) and employee verification letter, I submitted all the documents on 28th and I am waiting for the response from consulate, can any one please tel how much time it willt take in my case, I already lost hopes and waiting something +ve response from consulte, can any one please guide me on the same.

Thanks in advance.

I am also in same situation.
My l1b blanket interview was on 26 march 2014. Officer took my passport and other documents and gave me blue slip with ‘admin processing required’ checked in it. Next day, I got mail asking for some documents which I submitted on 2April. I would like to know whether anybody cleared blue slip recently. And also about how long my passport shall be retained by them. Please help me to know what this is all.
Thanks in advance.

Hi madhu.lakshman,

Did u get any update from embassy? Please reply, it would be helpful.



have u receive any latest communication…