Issue with the H1B LCA relocation


I have my visa stamped for Pittsford, NY with role as computer system analyst and job title as programmer analyst. When I tried to processs the new LCA(LCA relocation) for kansas city, Missouri it got rejected by the employer for below two reasons,
  1. Computer system analyst is not a valid role for the given location (kansas city MO)

  2. Since I am a computer system analyst and my visa is stamped for grade A city (pittsford NY), I cannot work in grade B city (kansas city MO) as per recent amendment in Jul’12.

I am not able to get more information about this rejection from my employer. Also I am not sure about the grade A and B cities in USA.

please tell me whether we have such restrictions also please suggest whether I can work anywhere in US with this role.

Thanks in advance.


Karthikeyan R