Issue with Shorter i94 duration - How to fix the I94 date?

Hello all,

I recently traveled to India and came back on dec 6th 2020, I checked my i94 after my immigration it is showing allowed to stay until December 2021.
but I have valid i-797 until feb 2023.

Note: I traveled to India after my H1b transfer, I didn’t attempt the visa interview again, so I used old employer stamping to enter to USA. Now it is showing in my i-94 allow to stay until my stamped visa expiry date.

Can I visit the CBP office to update the i-94? Ask the officer to update the i-94 until my i-797 expiry date?

can anyone suggest me how to update this in my I-94.

Well, did you give your new I-797 approval notice to the CBP officer ?
If so, then it was a mistake on their part. You can try to go to any of the CBP officers and ask them to update. Worst case, you may have to travel to border to update this. See below article for options.