I have an Business Visa on my current passport during DS160 filling I had mentioned my mother name as given name "Neha " surname “Singh” but in passport its mentioned as “NEHASINGH” . Now i am applying for L1 Visa, i want to use my mother name as mentioned in my passport “NehaSingh”. In DS 160 can i fill name like i.e. First Name “FNU” and surname “NEHASINGH”. Is there any issue while filling DS160 from for L1 Visa…or in previous business visa.Please suggest or comment …

No - the DS160 entry must not use ‘first name unknown’ clause as it raises a security issue. Just go ahead and enter the correct name as it is supposed to be (First Name Neha Surname Singh) and not repeat or copy a mistake (Surname Nehasingh) that the passport office originally made.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar