Is uscis h1 case tracker up to date

How accurate is uscis h1 b case tracker. I tracked my case through the site and it still says Recieved the case and processing. How long will it take for uscis to update the website if case is rejected.


USCIS case tracker site is updated instantaneously. But in recent few weeks, there seems to be some issues in the site and the status are not getting updated properly.

Attorneys are getting the information first rather than the status changing in the site. Hence please check with your Attorney once for any recent updates. They may or may not have one for you!

I have my colleegue whose petition is approved, but still his status on USCIS web site shows as Case received. Seems the status is not updating properly on the website

That is may be cause of the down time for the USCIS servers. They had a maintenance as per the alerts in USCIS website

status in USCIS website will not update properly better contact ur attroney for updates