Is travelling to IND on L2 is safe in b/w H1B petition approved and b4 Oct

Currently me & my husband are on L2 and  L1. We both applied for H1B for FY 2014. If our H1B petitions are appoved in July.Is it allowed to travel to INDIA after H1B approval and come back before October without stamping? 


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Do you plan to return and work on H-1 or L-1/2? You can return on L-1/2 only if the L-1 employer still plans to call you back to US to work on L-1. Else, get H-1 visas stamped and return on them.

Thanks for reply…

Its vacation trip in Aug’13 for 1 month. We plan to return on L1& L2.
L1 Employer wants us to come back to US to work on L-1/2.
since my H1 is approved in between, Do I need to go for H1 stamping before coming to US on L1/L2?If possible I dont want to go for H1 B stamping.

You are not required to go for H-1 stamping. You guys can leave US after getting your H-1s approved and then return on L-1/2. Your approved COS will still go into effect from Oct 1 and you will no longer be on L-1/2 after Oct 1 (this assumes your H-1s were approved w/ COS prior to your leaving US and that you guys returned to US prior to Oct 1).