Is transfer of h1b to new employer possible after withdrawal of old petition at the consulate?


   This is praveen from hyderabad...Actually my h1b application picked in lottery april,2014...and approved in may, i have attended for interview in Nov 2014 at the hyderabad consulate.

  Actually my employer & client are small companies,,,,At the interview VO asked my project doc and note that project name, then she took all my docs and  said to wait. After 3 hours of waiting they called me to seperate room, there indian officer interviewed me. Actually they are not satisfied with project.....

  Finally she given me two options
  1. Either withdraw your petetion

  2. Or you will be permanently banned to enter US.

Finally she forced me to sign on withdrawal. So i signed on withdrawal slip.

Now i want to apply with new employer ( transfer), so will it come under CAP EXEMPTION or not. If i apply for transfer, will it be approved or denied by USCIS??

Even after approval of new petition, again is there any possibility of getting revoked from USCIS bec of withdrawal happened at consulate???

Please, can anybody advice me what to do???

Thanks from praveen…