Is this bad time to go to India for H1B stamping?

Hi, I am a current employee in one of 500 Fortune Company here in United States. I came here on H1B in 2013. Currently I am on H1B extension which is valid until end of 2018. My wife and kids went to India one month ago, they were eligible for drop box and they did get the visa stamped within 3 days. I am also planning to go to Indian end of this month (July, 2017) but I am bit nervous after reading articles on web. Can someone who has visited India recently in this scenario share their experience. I will be flying from New Delhi to JFK after I get my visa stamped.


Direct answer to your question will be, “Please don’t leave out of US when you need to get stamping”

I came in Jun mid 2017 to India due to family emergency, having my visa valid until Oct 2017. Thinking that all I need is to get just stamping, where I have clear work history from May 2014 in US.

But they have put my visa status into “Administrative processing” after I attended Stamping Interview at Chennai, where all documents are correct and they are in no need of any additional documents , but have given me Blue form 221g. “Administrative processing” status means that i need to wait for 60 days for any updates.